Fiore Art Advisory:

Fiore Art Advisory is a full service creative art advisory that offers unparalleled services in research, curation, installation and architecture.


I specialize in historical works from the 1900-60s and critical, political and challenging artists from present day. 

How I define success:

Clients can be successful in the art world by conventional standards yet also successful in the subjective set of standards that we create together by defining unique sensibilities in art and learning to deepen appreciation of humanity through authentic interactions with art and creativity.

What I offer:

My aim is always to see to it that you are pursuing something uniquely valuable that only you can do.We will focus on what we can create beyond comparison as it does not yet exist yet. This can be in the form of a collection, a commissioned work of art, a book, a movie, an exhibition and so on. Together we will work with my curatorial principles to achieve the highest quality outcome of your unique goal.


To create great collections and unique spaces which enhance them.


Architecture/Interiors for Art
Creative Counsel
Research and ContentCreation 

Curatorial Values:

1. Observation- the commitment to rigorous looking; I seek to optimize the duration and frequency of viewing art.

2. Freedom- using questions posed through art as tools for mental growth.

3. Change- the commitment to not forming biases, predilections, or staunch opinions on art. 

4. Intimacy- I am committed to working with authenticity, transparency and with the aim to make distinction and not imitation in my projects that can only be born out of closeness. 

5. Nativity- the commitment to tracing and preserving the origins of creativity rather than becoming complacent with the acquisitions alone; instead using the exploration of these sources  as a prompt to uncover more of our humanity through the inquiry origins.

6. Phenomenology-working to better understand the audience of art on an individualistic level beyond the insular art world.

7. The Present- allow ourselves to stop making deadlines and events that project art into the far future. Time restrictions can create counterproductive prompts for creativity; let's focus instead on working to support the creation of art in the present moment.

8. Artist Centric- The art world is propagating its own survival interests while limiting artists and creativity. The head space artists occupy in the art world is a fraction of that which the collectors, galleries, and auction houses take up. I seek to support more creative content from artists in as many formats as possible. I also see it as….new philanthropy/new patronage/Currently consuming conventional art as the main way to prompt artists to be creative.

9. Independent Research-(I've done a lot to organize things in the process of running my art advising independent of the actual demand to do so.) The more research I perform beyond the actual demand to do so, the more I have encountered glaring issues in artist's archives and documentation. It is surprising how sparse most art history, artist biographies, provenance and exhibition documentation actually are. Venturing beyond...tracing back to primary sources

10. Lagom- minimal consumption to complete collection goals. Collecting in depth is usually an investment strategy rather than a standard curatorial approach; collections that contain500 objects yet lack vision cause more harm than good to any artist's legacy.

11. Circumspection- I would like to see every aspect of an artist's output met with more creativity. I seek to add nuance and innovation around how art lives in the world.

Curatorial Values:

● At the beginning of every relationship with new clients, we undertake a comprehensive assessment and analysis of their collection.

● We work with clients to develop short and long-term collection goals, which we articulate following a series of initial conversations and consultations.These are regularly revisited and reevaluated throughout this creative process. 

● We provide strategic guidance on collection identity and development in order to en sure that progress is continually being made to achieve longer term goals. 

● We identify opportunities for acquisition, sourcing works deliberately and discreetly from the full spectrum of the art world. We present each opportunity with a full art historical and market analysis.

● We consult and provide guidance on deaccessions.

● We determine potential legal, financial and tax implications that may arise as part of the planning and development process.

Collection managementservices include:

● Developing a detailed database of the collection

● Management of all logistics for the collection including shipping, framing, conservation, loan requests, and curated installations

● We generate interest and intrigue for your collection by creating essays, interviews, books, exhibitions, installations, content, in depth research and scholarship surrounding it.